Car Wash

Car washes are used to clean dirty vehicles. Regular cleaning and care helps preserve the paint and protect it from environmental influences, which has a positive effect on maintaining the value of the car. Among the different types of car washes, gantry car washes, drive-thru car washes and self-service car washes are the most widespread in the world. In gantry car washes or tunnel car washes, the individual cleaning steps are arranged in stations one after the other. The vehicle is pulled through the carwash on conveyor belts and cleaned by the various washing instruments such as underbody wash, rim sprayer, textile rollers, blower dryer, etc.

Drying blowers for gantry car washes, drive-thru car washes and tunnels dry the vehicle after cleaning, often by means of contour-following movements close to the vehicle through targeted air guidance. Energy-efficient drying blowers for roof dryers, side drying or pre-dryers must generate high flow velocity – with low noise emission – and have low power consumption at the same time. At the same time, drying blowers for car washes should be able to withstand the aggressive ambient conditions and have a small installation space to guarantee the most space-saving system design possible.

Car Wash Fan Wheels

Highly efficient, low-noise and compact fan wheels from punker help carwash manufacturers achieve high flow velocity in the dryer nozzles and thus an optimum drying result. At the same time, power consumption remains low in the main operating mode. The fan wheels, made of powder-coated aluminum, are corrosion-resistant and, thanks to their low weight, ideally suited for flexible arrangements or orientations of the blower. Due to its lightweight construction, it requires a lower starting current than industry standard steel blower wheels. The combination of airfoil blade geometry and optimized inlet cone ensures low noise emission. Thanks to the reduced depth of the inlet cone, particularly space-saving housing designs can be realized. The Car Wash fan wheels have been tested for cyclic operating conditions to simulate applications with a high number of start-stops, such as are common in car washes.


  • Highly efficient fan impeller
  • High volume flow for optimal drying result
  • Low power consumption
  • Corrosion-resistant thanks to powder-coated aluminum
  • Easy installation and maintenance due to low weight
  • Low noise level thanks to airfoil blades
  • Low depth of the inlet cone allows space-saving housing designs
  • Start-stop operation simulated on cycle test bench


  • Drying blower for car wash
  • Blowers for car washes
  • Gantry systems
  • Tunnel systems / drive-thru car washes

Technical Data

Models 3 diameters, one standard width each
Diameters 14″ to 18″
Material of construction aluminum, powder-coated
Joining method welded
Blade geometry airfoil
Inlet Cone ED11
Wheel-Motor-Mounting Taper Lock hub, optionally fixed hub system

Data Sheets

Fan Wheel Data Sheet:

pdf-iconpunker Car Wash Fan Wheels
PDF, 114 KB

Inlet Cone Data Sheet:

PDF, 114 KB

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High-efficiency, low-noise impellers for car wash systems

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