Compressor Cooling

Compressors for compacting air are used in a wide variety of industrial processes. Without sufficient cooling, the heat generated during the compression of the gas and the mechanical friction cause the temperature of the compressor to rise, which can lead to reduced performance, increased wear and consequential damage to the system. To ensure optimum functionality of piston and screw compressors at all times and to minimize downtime, reliable cooling of the unit must be ensured.

In addition to a high volume flow to dissipate the heat generated, the fan wheels used should meet other requirements. Among other things, the Ecodesign Directive (Directive 2009/125/EC) must be complied with, which means that the fan impellers must have a very high static efficiency. Furthermore, there are high requirements for acoustics, for example when used in the working environment of people, so the fan impellers must be designed so that there are low noise emissions. In addition, a compact design is of great importance when used in air-cooled compressors with sound enclosures.

Compressor Cooling Fan Wheels

With the Compressor Cooling Line, punker supplies some of the world’s most energy-efficient and at the same time most economical fan wheels for compressor cooling. Specially developed for cooling screw compressors, the fan wheels deliver a high volume flow with a very compact and robust design. Thus, the Compressor Cooling fan wheels enable a space-saving system design even at very high speed and switching frequency. Thanks to the good acoustics of the fan wheels, insulation material can be saved depending on the unit design.


  • High volume flow for reliable cooling
  • Compact fan wheels enable space-saving compressor design
  • Very high static efficiency enables compliance with energy efficiency guidelines
  • Low noise emission enables savings on insulation, depending on unit design
  • Robust design withstands high speed, switching frequency and ambient temperature


  • Compressor cooling
  • Cooling of screw compressors
  • Air cooling of housed compressors

Technical Data

Models 12 diameters with up to 2 standard widths
Diameters 12″ to 39″
Material of construction  aluminum, steel powder-coated
Joining method welded
Blade geometry airfoil, backward-curved
Inlet Cone ED11
Wheel-Motor-Mounting Taper Lock hub

Data Sheets

Fan Wheel Data Sheet:

pdf-iconpunker Compressor Cooling Fan Wheels
PDF, 114 KB

Inlet Cone Data Sheet:

PDF, 114 KB

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