Data Center Cooling

Servers, CPUs, storage and other hardware used in large data centers generate heat by converting electrical energy into thermal energy. To prevent them from overheating and causing failures or data loss, data centers need sufficient cooling and ventilation. This is the only way to ensure the reliable and fault-free operation of a data center.

The cooling of data centers causes enormously high energy costs. Around 30% of the energy consumption of a data center, which is not generated by the actual IT hardware, is accounted for by the fans used for cooling. The correct selection of the fans used can therefore make a significant contribution to reducing the operating costs of a data center.

Modular fan arrays are often used to supply and distribute the air and to remove the heated exhaust air. Since free cooling requires the removal of a large amount of heat without additional cooling, a high volume flow rate must be implemented with low back pressure. The operating points are typically in the right-hand are of the characteristic curve. Fans and fan wheels for general air conditioning and ventilation systems are not suitable for energy-efficient cooling of data centers, as their maximum efficiency lies in the left-hand range of the fan curve.

Our Solution

The new Data Center Cooling fan wheel from punker has been specially developed for supply and exhaust air in data centers where very high volume flows at low pressure are required. The new Data Center Cooling fan wheel achieves a significantly higher efficiency than competitor products in this application area. The use of this fan wheel thus enables savings in the operating costs of a data center. Another positive side effect is the reduction in noise emissions.


  • Potential savings in operating costs
    through higher energy efficiency of the fan wheel in typical data center operating points
  • Optimum use of resources
    of the motors used thanks to fan wheel sizes ideally matched to the application
  • Material cost savings
    in insulation due to low noise emission of the impeller with airfoil blades
  • Flexible and compact system design
    possible due to lower installation depth of the flow-optimized inlet cone ED11
  • Easier handling
    during installation and maintenance thanks to lightweight aluminum design
  • Reduction of maintenance costs
    through longer service life of the motor due to lower bearing load
  • Economical wheel-motor combination options
    thanks to flexible motor mounting with different shaft diameters (TaperLock hub)


  • Data Center Cooling
  • Data Center Air Handlers (CRAH)
  • Fan arrays
  • Supply air / Exhaust air in data center
  • Plug fans
  • Precision air conditioners (CRAC)

Technical Data

Sizes 4 diameters, two standard widths each
Diameters 22″ to 31″
Material of construction aluminum
Joining method welded
Blade geometry airfoil
Inlet Cone ED11
Wheel-Motor-Mounting Taper Lock-hub, optionally fixed hub

Data Sheets

Fan Wheel Data Sheet:

pdf-iconpunker Data Center Cooling Fan Wheels
PDF, 114 KB

Inlet Cone Data Sheet:

PDF, 114 KB

Case Study

Find out how the new Data Center Fan Wheel can help reduce the annual operation cost of data center cooling by up to $US 7,000 in our case study “Reducing the Ecological Footprint of Data Center Cooling”.

Read the case study here…

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