Grain Drying

The Grain Drying fan wheels are a series specially developed for silo ventilation and grain drying. The maximum shaft power of the fan wheel is matched to the rated motor power and speed of common standard motors. Thanks to an efficient impeller-nozzle combination, a very high air performance is achieved. The design of the Grain Drying fan wheel with airfoil blade geometry enables low sound power.

Grain Drying Fan Wheels

The General HVAC fan wheels from punker have been specially developed to meet the technical requirements of the HVAC industry. They are particularly suitable for plug fans and plenum fans used in unhoused applications, such as Air Handling Units (AHU). The fan wheels of the General HVAC Line are designed for high energy efficiency, low noise emission, low weight and optimum use of available space, and offer a convincing price/performance ratio. They cover application ranges up to 4.000 Pa (16 in WG) static pressure rise and achieve a static efficiency of up to 78%. Different materials, joining methods and wheel-motor connections allow flexible use, also with regard to a wide variety of drives.


  • Energy-efficient fan wheel for use in scroll housing
  • Very high air performance
  • Low sound power due to optimized airfoil blades
  • Maximum shaft power matched to nominal motor power
  • Easy installation and maintenance thanks to low weight


  • Grain dryer, corn dryer, rice dryer
  • Drying plants for free-flowing products such as rice, corn, oilseeds
  • Continuous dryers, circulation and batch dryers
  • Radial blowers, mobile blowers for silo ventilation

Technical Data

Models 25 diameter-/width-combinations for nominal motors 3 kW to 30 kW (5 hp to 50 hp); 2-pole and 4-pole
Diameters 14″ to 29″
Material of construction aluminum
Joining method welded
Blade geometry airfoil
Inlet Cone ED11
Wheel-Motor-Mounting Taper Lock hub

Data Sheets

Fan Wheel Data Sheet:

pdf-iconpunker Grain Drying Fan Wheels
PDF, 114 KB

Inlet Cone Data Sheet:

PDF, 114 KB

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