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With Xcarwash, punker offers a high efficiency, sound optimized air movement solution for car wash dryers that combines a diffuser airfoil impeller with an inlet cone that is optimally adapted to deliver high discharge velocity for mininum drying times.

Energy Efficient Retrofit or Trend-Setting New Design

Whether you are planning a trend-setting new dryer design or looking to retrofit an existing dryer system that is inefficient, un-economic, too loud or simply over the hill, Xcarwash delivers the right solution. Xcarwash is a highly efficient airfoil diffuser fan wheel with an optimally tuned inlet cone.

The robust, welded aluminum design enables a long product life even under fierce conditions such as chemicals, high speeds and demanding start-stop operation.

The long lifespan, the very high static efficiency as well as the easy installation and maintenance due to the low weight help reduce the operating costs of existing or new systems.

Thanks to its airfoil blade geometry and an inlet cone perfectly matched to the fan wheel, Xcarwash generates lower noise emissions than conventional wheel-cone units. It can therefore also be installed in car washes that are operated near residential areas.

Use all advantages of the Xcarwash in your drying system

  • Existing systems | The team of punker’s application experts will examine for you the possibilities to use all advantages of Xcarwash without changing your existing housing.
  • New system designs | Our application experts work with you to develop the optimum housing geometry for your new system and support you in coordinating all other components related to the blower.


  • Air movement solution for car wash dryer systems
  • High discharge velocity for optimal drying results
  • High efficiency diffuser fan wheel
  • Optimal strength for high speeds and demanding start-stop-operation
  • Light weight design facilitates installation and maintenance
  • Sound optimized airfoil design
  • Corrosion-resistent aluminum impeller and inlet cone
  • Taperlock hub for horizontal and vertical mounting situations

Technical Data

  • Models: standard available in 3 diameters and one fixed width
  • Diameter: 355 mm, 400 mm, 450 mm
  • Material: aluminum, powder-coated
  • Manufacturing process: welded
  • Design: single-flow
  • Blade geometry: airfoil
  • Inlet cone: ED 11
  • Connectivity: Taperlock system


  • Car wash dryers
  • Car wash blowers
  • Static dryers
  • On-board dryers
  • Contouring dryers
  • Free-standing dryers
  • Tunnel systems
  • Roll over systems

Data Sheets

Impeller Data Sheet:

PDF, 114 KB

Inlet Cone Data Sheet:

pdf-iconED 11
PDF, 114 KB

Case Study

High-efficiency, low-noise impellers for car wash systems

Retrofit of car wash dryer system with punker impeller reduces electrical power intake, noise and blower weight.
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