R63D HVAC front view

Front View


    R63D HVAC side view

    Side View


    • Blower wheel for use in un-housed applications
    • Efficiency: up to 75% static efficiency when used without a scroll housing
    • Max. rotational speed: ~75m/s
    • Diffuser for optimum performance
    • Compatible with various AC/EC-motors 50/60Hz with/without VSD

    Technical Data

    • Models: standard model sizes available in 13 different diameters and one standard width
    • Diameter: 9” to 38-1/2” (225mm to 1000mm)
    • Material of construction: Carbon steel, galvanized or powder-coated
    • Production process: welded construction
    • Construction: single width
    • Inlet cone: ED 11 or ED11-K
    • Mounting: taper lock system


    • HVAC applications
    • Air Handling Units (AHU)
    • Building ventilation systems
    • Plug fans
    • Plenum fans


    Impeller Data Sheet:

    pdf-icon R63D-HVAC
    PDF, 114 KB

    Inlet Cone Data Sheets:

    pdf-icon Inlet Cone ED 11
    PDF, 549 KB

    pdf-icon Inlet Cone ED 11-K
    PDF, 537 KB

    k-Factor for R63D-HVAC with ED 11:

    pdf-icon k-factor R63D-HVAC with ED 11
    PDF, 114 KB


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