punker diffuser blower wheels have been custom-designed for un-housed use in HVAC applications such as air handling units (AHU), plug fans, or plenum fans.

Every blower wheel model in our diffuser product line has its unique advantages and displays its entire potential during operation – highest levels of efficiency, very high performance density and a pleasant noise spectrum characterize these products.


Discover our industry leader – maximum durability, extremely versatile and an unbeatable price-performance-ratio.

The new D-Series provides solutions for each and every challenge of your unhoused HVAC-application.

The D-Series’ models are available in up to 14 sizes from 225 to 1000 mm (9″ to 39.5″) diameter in one fixed width; with taperlock hubs or individual bolt-hole circle. The D-Series is compatible with various AC-/EC-motors and 50/60 HZ power frequency. The corresponding inlet cone ED 11 is equipped with blind rivet nuts for pressure tapping.

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D-light welded-E_3D_TL_45
  • suited for AMCA class I
  • max. static efficiency 73%
  • max. total efficiency 83%
  • max. static pressure increas 6″ WG
  • welded aluminum execution
  • laminar blade geometry


R63D HVAC 45° angle
  • suited for AMCA class II
  • max. static efficiency 75%
  • max. total efficiency 83%
  • max. static pressure increase 10″ WG
  • welded steel execution
  • laminar blade geometry


  • suited for AMCA class III
  • max. static efficiency 75%
  • max. total efficiency 83%
  • max. static pressure increase 16″ WG
  • airfoil blade geometry


Xagri - Blower Kit for Pneumatic Seeding Machines
  • high-pressure blower kit
  • for pneumatic seeding machines, harvesters, spreaders
  • maximum rotational speed 5,500 rpm
  • light-weight, non-corrosive fan kit
  • cast aluminum
  • high performance density, compact size
  • easy to assemble

We also offer cross flow wheels, cross flow fan kits and high pressure fan kits for agricultural industry applications. Find out more on our corporate website: